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Patient Services

What We Can Do For You

Specialty Therapies 

Everybody is unique, sometimes there are medications prescribed on a custom regimen, and we can help with that! We assist in titration and taper regimens. Going one step further we also provide injection services. Patients prescribed monthly injections to be administered at office or nursing home we provide end to end service and delivery of medication. We work with insurance companies to get medication approved and then delivered to desired location with an average turnaround of 1-3 days.

Delivery and Mail Out Services

We are happy to offer free delivery and mail out to any of our patients. Contact us to learn more about these services to receive your medications.

Box Delivery
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Refill Automation

We automatically request and refill maintenance medications to better assist our patients. If the doctor needs to see the patient we help getting in contact with patients to schedule the appointment.

Unit Dose/Bubble Pack

We offer comprehensive bubble packing to include all medications in easy to read and follow medication packs. With color coding and detailed listings patients and supporting staff alike can manage multiple medications with ease.

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Human fill Prescription drugs prior authorization request form, pills, stethoscope on a EKG graph pa

Prior Authorization 

Not all medications are covered equally on health plans. We understands the importance of patients receiving medications prescribed in a timely fashion. That's why we make the prior authorization process simple, fast, and effective. By working with Doctors/Nurses we complete most of the heavy lifting so they don’t have to. We follow up with insurance providers to check the status on approval and expedite the process.

Other Great Services

  • Specialty Medications

  • Disease State Management

    • (HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Mental Health, Diabetes, Oncology) 

  • Medication Therapy Management

  • Monthly Accounts Receivable 

Three pharmacists

Contact us with any questions about our services or for more information regarding our pharmacy.

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